My internet alias may be Snickers Didjeridu, but I’m also called Megan in the real world.  I’m a Northern California native, Sonoma County to be exact.  This caused me to be quite fond of sunny days – the hotter, the better!

I consider myself to be an amateur tea connoisseur.  For me, tea and reading go hand in hand, which spawned the naming of this blog, Teas and Reads – there’s no combination that blends quite like these two.

The exception to that rule (because there’s always one, isn’t there?) is multitasking tea-drinking, reading, and walking.  The tea gets spilled, I’ll lose the page I was on, or worse – tea will spill onto the book.   I’ve found it’s better to combine one or the other with walking.  So if you see a young woman in her 20’s with curly blond hair walking around town with either her nose in a book or a cup of tea in her hands, chances are pretty decent that you’ve found me.  Come say hi, and we can chat about books over a cup of tea or two.

Although Teas and Reads is my main blog, I’m also a regular contributor to The Broke and The Bookish, a blog started by the Goodreads College Students group.  We’re just getting the ball rolling over there, too – so go check it out!  The link is under my blogroll.

Sometimes, I’ll engage in other activities, like attending school.  My local community college is the second best in the nation, which is pretty impressive as far as community colleges go – so don’t be trash-talking!  Even so, it’s still a community college, which won’t get me very far academically.  I hope to transfer to a private 4-year college next fall – it’s in Michigan, so the cold weather will take some getting used to!

I’ve changed my major several times, but I think I’ve found one I’d like to stick with, and that’s Economics.  It’s a shock to my family and friends, as I have quite a long and notorious history with mathematics and numbers in general.  We’re like two rival mob bosses circling each other, waiting to make a hit.  But I was convinced to make a truce with math when I read Superfreakonomics and decided that Economics was the major for me.  So at some point I’d like to do something with behavioral economics – I’m not sure what yet, as it’s still a relatively new field.

In the meantime, I’ll be avidly reading and reviewing – and, as always, drinking tea.


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