Reviewing Policy

I am very much open to receiving advanced reading copies and review copies of books.  I’m also open to audiobooks; however, I do not accept ebooks, or any kind of book I’d have to go out and purchase a Kindle for.

As I’ve stated in my Rating System, I give 100% honest reviews.  They may be harsh in criticism, and you might cry.  By sending me your book, you are accepting this as a possibility.  That said, the review may also be glimmering with praise.  Either way, you can count on no sugarcoating from me – I’ll give you my blunt, honest opinion – in that aspect, “Honesty is my policy”!

I do not discriminate when it comes to genres.  I will read anything from YA to horror to graphic novels to Jewish history to the Dummies books.  I can and will read anything I get my greedy little hands on.  However, if you send me your book, do not expect it to be read and reviewed right away.  I’m a full-time college student holding down a part-time job.  While I always make time to read, my to-read shelf can get backlogged fairly quickly.  If you have a specific date or time frame in which you’d like the review to be posted, just let me know, and I’ll make it a priority.


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